How It Works

Marmox makes light work of insulating and waterproofing

The construction industry is ever-changing, with new trends and eco-friendly products emerging annually to meet demands for higher quality and sustainability. Marmox provides affordable, user-friendly building solutions, making construction and renovation more efficient.

Multiboards – one board, multiple uses

Marmox Multiboards are a versatile construction material comprising extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam boards coated on both sides with a polymer-modified cement layer, reinforced by glass fiber mesh. These lightweight, sturdy, and waterproof boards are unique for not requiring primers. They hold BRANZ appraisal, ensuring the highest standards for builders.

These boards excel at insulating floors, potentially saving up to 50% of heat loss compared to conventional underfloor heating. They also enhance heating efficiency, reducing operational costs—ideal for energy-conscious individuals. Moreover, Multiboards serve multiple purposes, from partition building to sound insulation, and they’re moisture-resistant, making them perfect for wet areas like bathrooms.

Installation is straightforward, requiring basic tiling knowledge, a handsaw, and tile adhesive, making Marmox Multiboards an accessible choice for a variety of construction needs. Following is the installation guide on different floors,  view our step by step guide here.

Timesaving shower bases

Recognizing the value of time and efficiency, we provide pre-fabricated, ready-to-tile shower bases designed for straightforward installation on existing concrete or wooden floors. Marmox shower bases outperform conventional sand and cement options, boasting enhanced acoustic properties and reinforced with stainless-steel around drain cut-outs. They seamlessly integrate with all waterproofing and tile choices.

Our shower bases are preferred by builders due to their lightweight nature, full waterproofing, and integrated slope, streamlining the installation process. Unlike traditional bases that demand time-consuming sand and cement work, Marmox bases eliminate this hassle.

While installing Marmox shower bases may require a few additional tools and some expertise, they remain notably easier than traditional alternatives, allowing for swift progress to the next project. For comprehensive installation guidelines, refer to our provided guide here

Marmox offers a variety of sizes to accommodate diverse shower and drain configurations, even accommodating custom needs. Our cost-effective, user-friendly shower bases empower you to effortlessly create a fully waterproof, sanitary tiled shower space.

An ever-growing range – pipe boxing

At Marmox, innovation never stops, and we are always working towards new solutions that will save builders time and money. In keeping with this approach, we are pleased to announce that builders will soon be able to access our new range of pipe boxing, which offers the same benefits builders have come to associate with our products along with some great new features.

Our pipe boxing provides a strong waterproof surface for tiling and is perfect for enclosing pipes in wet areas. Watch this space for more information on when this product will be available.